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Baked this loaf for the Boys @boccacciocellars to help them through the big move! Supposed to be a “B” in a wine glass! Looking forward to coming to play in the new store @anthdanna @sld87 @domenicorotella #FilthyGoodBread & #FilthyGoodVino what a combo!

Just took a sneaky at the new @boccacciocellars Looking forward to coming and playing soon! Well done @anthdanna @sld87 @domenicorotella #FilthyGoodVino is coming!

Despite being heavily ullaged & having one of the manliest corks ever, this is a cracking bottle of fizz! Incredible layering, seamless integration of so many intriguing flavours & aromas. Juice line of acid & some secret little additions at dosage add another dimension! #Baillinger #FilthyGoodVino #YarraYering

Nasty! Definitely one of the Top 3 mankiest corks I’ve ever dealt with! #Cork #Muselet #Sparkling #FilthyGoodVino #Wine

Took a few orphans from the cellar for a spin this week. Eclectic collection with plenty of personality! New wheels were fast too! #FilthyGoodVino

Pangrattato Time! Great way to use up stale #FilthyGoodBread Rip it up, Chuck it in a food processor & blitz, fry in olive oil until crunchy. Super sexy optional extras … Reggiano, Porcini Powder & of course BACON! #52loavesproject #RealBread

Doing the 4 Tax returns! Easing the pain with homemade sourdough baguettes a truckload of bacon & a glass of Neb! #RealBread #FilthyGoodVino #FolthyGoodBread

When your 2&1/2yo looks across at you and asks”Is it Rousseau?” You know that 1. She may have peaked early 2. You’re going to need a 2nd mortgage 3. Her future partner better big it up on the #FilthyGoodVino 4. You’ve taught her one of the most valuable lessons in life! BOOM!

Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of my Bread Baking experiment! Here’s a few highlights! It took 4 months for me to bake a loaf I was truly happy with, since then it’s been a relentless pursuit of more Yumminess! Kilo after kilo of flour has passed through my hands to be mixed, slapped, folded, stretched, shaped, baked, watched, cut & devoured! The tactile experience has been both therapy & sensory pleasure! It’s distracted my hyperactive brain for a moment of mindfulness & calm. I’ve discovered an amazing community of Real Bread Lovers & shared a Doughmance with all of them! The #BreadEd2014 crew are a generous, human bunch! There is an amazing community of skilled & dedicated home & commercial bakers in Australia who are prepared to share their knowledge with any who ask it of them. One of the greatest pleasure has been sharing a loaf of freshly baked bread with a neighbour, colleague, friend or family. The look of delight on people’s faces when you pass them a loaf of bread still warm from the oven is incredibly satisfying. The other pleasure has been sharing my limited knowledge to help others kickstart their bread making experience over a ball of dough & glass of wine! Bread is truly the staff of life, good for the body, mind & heart! #RealBread #52LoavesProject #Sourdough

Last load out of the oven! Baguette mix with a bit of extra shaping 3.5 hour prove. Delicious crusty goodness! #RealBread #52LoavesProject #Sourdough